Why is the management of the Customer Service team so important?

3 de novembro

The management of the customer service team is an important part of an organization that seeks to improve the experience of its clients.

In today’s text, let’s talk a little bit about the importance of managing the customer service team. In addition to showing several points that justify this statement, I have brought some tips to keep your frontline professionals always integrated and up to date.

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The customer service team is the showcase of the company

The customer service team is the first contact the customer has with your company. If you’re looking for a good reason to invest and care about customer service management, this is undoubtedly one of the key.

We know that a bad impression can compromise the whole process, driving away new customers, rather than bringing them to the organization.

These professionals are who have the first access to the client’s pain

The customer service professionals have the advantage of making the first contact with the public and listening to their needs, pains and expectations. This information is of fundamental importance to the success of the company, since only corporations that understand what customers need can offer tailor-made solutions and win their loyalty.

Always talk to your customer service team and create procedures to make this information reusable for constant improvement of the products and services that your company offers.

They can bring valuable insights

By being in direct contact with the needs and desires of the public, customer service professionals can contribute with valuable ideas to improve the customer service process.

Give these professionals the freedom to comment on the processes, suggest changes and propose improvements that can mean greater productivity and efficiency in the execution of services.

Because it helps the team to always be prepared

When the company has a close and efficient management of the customer service team, it is committed to the qualification and quality of its professionals.

It also offers autonomy and space for dialogues. We have separated some tips to help in this process of constant improvement to offer the best for the public. Check it!

Hire by behavior

When hiring a customer service professional, prioritize their behavior. The conduct of a professional interferes directly with the deal with the client and can be positive or negative for the organization.

Make sure that the person is helpful, available, smiling and humorous. Confirm that they are the type who are happy to help or if they only does what they are asked to do, by obligation. Also, be aware of the emotional aspects: is this person strong enough to face personal problems and still offer a quality service? Resilience is a valuable asset, especially for employees who deal directly with the public.

No matter how complete a customer service professional’s résumé looks to you, it will all be in vain if, personally, they doesn’t know how to treat well clients who are looking for the organization.

Explain the goals of the company and make them feel part of it

Getting your customer service team involved in the company’s goals and development is a great way to show that their work matters and that everyone’s opinion is welcome.

Always talk about the goals of the organization and make room for suggestions and observations. Listening to your team doesn’t mean that you will have to answer and put into practice all the suggestions, but rather listen to them and take the best of those lines, which can be really useful for the business.

Making room for employees to participate in the company’s growth helps them to, actually, wear the shirt of the company and work hard on what they can offer. Helps increase motivation. Try it!

Provide constant training and update

The world evolves, technology advances and procedures also need to keep up with this process. A leader who cares about the management of the customer service team must be, therefore, aware of the need for ongoing training and updates of the team.

Stay tuned for any market novelty that may be helpful to your business. In case of changes in company processes and / or systems used, be sure to meet with the team to explain in detail the new recommendations and, of course, to train them so that the good work continues.

The technology can evolve a lot, but if the professionals that use it do not follow these updates, the service stuck, it doesn’t flow and it will not be worth the whole investment.

Do only productive meetings

It takes balance and common sense when it comes to meetings. What does that mean? It means that meetings take time, take the staff out of the job, and if they aren’t well planned, they only serve to hurt the business.

Researches shows that poorly planned meetings and unnecessary communications can be totally unproductive and harmful to the business. That’s why you have to think hard before stopping the team activity to hold meetings or pass information and communications. This should be done only when extremely necessary, in an objective, clear and planned way, to use the shortest possible time.

Provide easy and affordable communication channels

On the other hand, you can’t take the power of speech from the attendants. They need to know and realize that their managers will be available to heal their doubts and listen to them whenever is necessary. This support is extremely important to provide the security that they need to perform the best service possible.

Create communication channels between the team and their managers and establish the ways you can use them. Let your professionals know that they are not alone in this process, and so everything will flow in a positive way.

I hope the tips in this text have been helpful in increasing your repertoire on management of the customer service team. I invite you to also read my articles and further increase this learning. Till’ the next text!

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