Increase Your Sales by Investing in Customer Experience

24 de novembro

Antonio Augusto Simão Neto

In the article of the week, we will present some important points that justify the investment in customer experience. A satisfied customer is a returning customer to make new business; the one that indicates your company to other friends and helps keep the financial health of the company always up to date.

Here are some points that reiterate this importance, and for you to put it into practice right now. A good customer experience is full of simplicity, interest and commitment. Check out!

Know specific tastes of your audience

Understanding what your audience consumes, needs and expects is an important step for any company that wants to increase sales and build customer loyalty.

Through market research and observation of details, you can understand the most common tastes of your audience; and this is not restricted only to your area of work, but to their lives in general.

By knowing what your audience consumes, it’s much easier to prepare services that meet their tastes, providing them with a much more fluid and enjoyable shopping journey.

Invest in details and promote unique experiences

Investing in details may not seem to be worth it, but it is these little attitudes that gives a unique and personalized touch to your business.

Surprise in the little things of the day: In answering with interest, in the original packaging, in the extended warranty, in the special discount for the birthday of the customer etc…

There are many possibilities to generate enchantments and surprises, and they don’t necessarily needs to generate costs for your business. Use creativity.

Explore the strengths of your business

If you are the type that lives internally praising the differentials of your business but doesn’t do it publicly, it’s time to change that posture.

No matter how small your business is in relation to your competitors, be the eye-catch of the public. When it comes to consumer choice, the details counts for a lot, as they show that by choosing your business the shopping experience can be much better.

Never stop monitoring and optimizing

Service reports are important tools to track the development of the business. Don’t forget to periodically know the volume of sales, the statistics of the service, information about social networks and access to the website.

All these indicators are fundamental and act as compass to indicate the best way to move forward, constantly optimizing the services and products of the organization.

Use positive and negative feedbacks as steps

Always be aware of the feedback from the audience. Criticism, suggestions and praises are real shortcuts to accelerate the success of the company. By discovering the strengths and weaknesses of the organization, it becomes easier to know what needs to be replaced / modified, and what must be maintained, so that the customer experience is always a priority.

Did you like the article? We hope, with these tips, to help you and your staff in improving your work and investing in customer experience. Being aware of the importance of customer experience is the first step in consolidating the success of your business.

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Translated by: Yan Mendes


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