How to Solve Customer Service Issues

22 de dezembro

Antônio Augusto Simão Neto

In customer service, no one likes to go through situations that generate discomfort.

For the owners of establishments and / or service teams, receiving a bad evaluation generates frustration and a great sense of regret, accompanied by the will to resolve the situation as soon as possible, so that everything works perfectly again.

Unfortunately, such situations can happen because we don’t have everything under our control, despite wishing we had it. The main thing is to know how to act when they come and to draw up a plan so that a small problem doesn’t turn into a big headache.

In today’s article, we’ve come up with a few tips to help you and your staff work out in a safe and correct path to solve your care problems. The customer is always right? Maybe not, but it’s thanks to him that your company exists. Will we do our best to resolve everything in the best way possible? Come with me!


The first step in resolving a conflict with a customer dissatisfied with the service received is to listen to what he/she has to say. Practicing listening and understanding your pains will help you and your team understand the root of the problem, where it all began.

Discovering the source is the first step in knowing what needs to be done to solve the problem.


In an eagerness to resolve the conflict soon enough, it’s common for leaders and managers to completely ignore the consumer’s feelings, turning their attention exclusively to the bureaucratic terms of the company. This cannot happen.

From the outset, it’s recommended that you, or the person who is resolving the issue, to empathize and make the consumer see that he has been understood and that his/her team isn’t ignoring what they feels.

Often, it’s not just a material but also an emotional loss. Some wrong process may have triggered a number of problems and frustrations in the customer’s life, and this cannot be left out.

Imagine that the client dreamed of give his wife with a product from your store and planned everything, in the smallest details, so that the delivery of this present was something special. But for some reason, the present didn’t come, and that made the special moment turn into a moment of frustration. To empathize is to understand that the problem goes beyond the non-delivery of the product.

Although some situations are irremediable, the fact of caring, understanding and apologizing for the disorder generated already means a lot. At this point, we can see that good customer service is one that goes beyond the superficial relationship, to offer a differentiated and humanized experience.

Correct steering

The third step, which is also very important, is to target the customer service correctly. It may be that the client has used comments in a social networking platform to show his/her indignation. The orientation is that the first service is always done by the same channel used by the consumer.

When the subject is sensitive, use the channel chosen by the customer to give satisfaction and say that your staff will contact them by phone, inbox or email. If the channel you choose is the phone, ask for the best time to call.

What is important is not to ignore the platform chosen by the client. Remember also that the comment on Facebook, for example, is visible to other users. So the company’s response on this platform will help ease the tension so that people viewing the conversation in the future will know that the corporation has not been omitted.

Remember to keep a responsible professional to follow the resolution of the service from start to finish, preventing it from getting lost during targeting and thus generating even bigger problems for the organization.

Naturalness, cordiality and simplicity

Unfortunately, at the customer’s first frustrated contact with the company, it’s common for them to be nervous and often even exalted because of their great dissatisfaction with the situation. It’s necessary to maintain calm and cordiality, so that the situation is resolved and not worsened. In addition, a soft attitude will help the consumer to calm down as well.

Instruct your team to take a deep breath and always maintain cordiality, calmness and simplicity, so that the situation is resolved in the best way possible. Remind them that acting with the same tension will only make the problem bigger and more disastrous.

Cordiality and tranquility combine with firmness. Balance and wisdom are key ingredients in those moments.

Firmness and credibility

Cordiality and tranquility combine with firmness, balance and common sense.

It isn’t because the customer is nervous that you will promise something that you cannot deliver. It isn’t because he’s right in your complaint that you and your staff may accept offenses, assaults and disrespect.

It’s important to maintain sobriety and firmness, so that the points are clear, that is, so that the client receives what he seeks: a solution to the problem.

Listen carefully, show empathy and present the available solutions with transparency and credibility. These are the main ingredients to be able to correct a problem and move on, preventing similar errors from recurring.

Did you like the tips? Anything to add? Feels free to comment and leave your contribution! This is also your space!

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