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18 de novembro

The 6 Disciplines of Customer Experience

Antônio Augusto Simão Neto - If you really want to deliver a superior service, the six disciplines of Customer Experience represent the areas that can facilitate your planning, strategy and efforts.

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8 de novembro

Customer Experience Insights

Antonio Augusto Simão Neto - Attending customer experience events is one of the fastest ways to change your mindset about service.

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7 de novembro

5 Tips to Strengthen Your Customer Relationship and Grow More

- Check out some simple but important steps to make the customer relationship a booster to good business in the organization.

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6 de novembro

Interview with Lincoln Murphy, world reference in Customer Success, for the Service Show

- Taking advantage of the great opportunity of the CX Summit 2017, I talked to Lincoln Murphy and brought you valuable content to you!

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20 de outubro

Do You Have an Annotation or Solution Team?

- Having an empowered, trained and engaged team is the dream of many service leaders. How can you work it out?

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How to Meet Customer Expectations in 6 Steps

- How to Meet Customer Expectations in 6 Steps

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The Power of the Customer Experience Concept

- Understand the breadth and power of the Customer Experience concept to strengthen your business and broaden your potential.

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15 de setembro

In Which Services Hotels Err the Most

- In Which Services Hotels Err the Most

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